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mardi, 24. octobre 2017, Paris, The Dream Syndicate + Jon Auer ● FGO-Barbara - Complet

▷ The Dream Syndicate

At one point during the making of our new record I said to my bandmates, "hey, you only get the chance to make a first Dream Syndicate album in 30 years once in your life." It's a strange statement but one that's hard to refute (unless we end up making one at some point in our late 80's--which, well, you never know). But that was the attitude we brought to the project. Either the record was going to be great, everything we hoped it would be, or we would just shelve and write it off, both financially and publicly, as a bold experiment that didn't work out.

We felt the odds were in our favor. The 50+ shows we'd played since we reunited back in 2012 had been among the best the band ever played, the perfect mix of agile improvisation, wild abandon and rock solid grooves that had always been the band's hallmark. The only 21st century addition to the band, guitarist Jason Victor who had played with me for years as a member of my solo backing band the Miracle 3, silenced any doubters within minutes of
every show. He was the perfect and undisputed heir to the Syndicate axe-slingers who had come before--raw, mercurial, knowing and skilled.

▷ Jon Auer

In addition to being a critically acclaimed solo artist, Jon Auer is the co-founder/singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist of The Posies, one half of art pop duo Dynamo Royale, and was a member of the reformed Big Star for 17 years (until Alex Chilton's untimely passing in 2010). Auer has toured the world over in support of his much-praised solo album Songs From The Year Of Our Demise, a song cycle that illustrates his undeniable knack for combining the highly melodic with the emotionally and psychologically complex, arguably mining more singular and adventurous territory than in any of his work previous. As a solo performer, Auer's one-man show is entrancing and intimately entertaining, songs and stories side by side.

A teenaged Auer recorded and mixed the first Posies' album (Failure) in his parent's house and during his multi-faceted career Auer has produced and/or mix records for the likes of You Am I, Redd Kross, and Spiral Stairs (of Pavement) and the Sub Pop label and many others. Auer also performed on William Shatner's Has Been album (produced by Ben Folds). Former Beatle Ringo Starr even covered one of Auer's compositions ("Golden Blunders") and Auer's haunting "Lady Sweet" (sung by Auer) was the lead track from the Big Star record In Space. Currently residing in France, Auer spent four intensive months touring the US and Europe in 2016 sharing The Posies' latest release (Solid States) and he is prominently featured in the upcoming Big Star movie Thank You Friends: Big Star's Third Live…and More.

▷▷ BAR

Boire & manger : vins, bières § sandwichs
Demi min : 3€ min et pinte min 6€ min


Prévente 10€ et sur place TR12€ et TP13€

Conditions d'accès au tarif réduit : demandeurs d'emploi, bénéficiaires des minima sociaux, étudiants, personnes en situation de handicap, jeunes de moins de 26 ans, + de 65 ans, musiciens inscrits dans un parcours d'accompagnement chez nous
⭐︎ sur présentation d'un justificatif.
⭐︎ Gratuit pour les moins de 12 ans (sauf programmation jeune public)
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The Dream Syndicate + Jon Auer ● FGO-Barbara - Complet

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